DD system

DD system developed by Gradient is a system of double diagonal Ribs or double diagonal segments. These double diagonals enable to add two cells between attached loops without the necessity of increasing the number of loops. Thanks to that the number of carrying ribs and loops is significantly reduced while the number of cells is preserved. As a result the total length of used lines is substantially lowered and the aerodynamic drag is reduced.

The DD system was first used in the Aspen4 glider(introduced in 2011) and in comparison with its predecessor Aspen3 the total line length was lowered by 37%. Today this DD system is one of the cornerstones of high-performance gliders.

The DD system is used in these gliders: Aspen4, Nevada, Golden4, Aspen5, Avax XC5, and Nevada2.

    Reduction of the number of carrying ribs while the number of cells is preserved
    Improvement of the compactness of the glider
    Reduction of the total line length and reduction of the aerodynamic drag.
    Better aerodynamic cleanness of the glider

Increase in laboriousness and required accuracy during the production
More complicated tuning of the glider