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Agility & WAG
Agility promo video by Tex
Horacio Llorens's dancing with the Aurora Borealis


Our R&D team has been intensively working on the Nevada2 – a new Gradient glider in the intermediate class. This glider fits in Gradient range between Golden4 and Aspen5. We are in the final stage of Nevada2 development and we are getting ready for the certification process. We have focused on higher performance and easy flying characteristics as with previous Nevada version. It is going to be “high end EN-B” which is intended for skilled intermediate pilots who are capable of active flying.
Nevada2 is superior to its predecessor in terms of many improvements
  • Nevada2 VO System - Improved shape of the cell openings for better inflation of the canopy and for the controlled air flow between the canopy and surroundings. Small rectangular openings for sufficient pressurization during all flight modes and deep V-openings for easy inflation and direction of the air flow to the bottom sail. This combination of two shapes significantly reduces aerodynamic drag during flights in turbulent conditions and keeps more consistent air pressure in the canopy, especially in rough air.
Watch the video of the VO system in action

  • Significantly lighter
  • Higher aspect ratio and higher wing loading.
  • Pure 3 - liner design - two main lines in each karabiner.
  • Big line reduction by 7 % (in comparison with Nevada, size 28)
  • New shaping of the Nylon rods in the cell openings for effective distribution of forces coming from the lines in to the canopy.
  • Miniribs in the trailing edge for cleaner rear part of canopy and for reduction of the drag.
  • Steering handles on C-risers for accelerated flight.
  • New zip lock openings on the wing tips to clean up the dirt and stones from the glider.

Nevada2 will be produced in 5 different sizes - 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 to cover wide weight range from around 58-130kg.
The internal structure incorporates our well-proven drag reducing DD system.
As always we have used Everlast double coated Skytex on the leading edge of the canopy to ensure long-term stability and durability of this important part of the glider.
Typical Gradient handling and immediate feedback ensures your enjoyment of your long XC flights and let's you get comfortable with Nevada2 quickly.
Nevada2 will also come as a light weight version, so pilots can use it for hike&fly. Special combination of materials will significantly reduce the glider weight .

Nevada2 has undergone a few XC tests in Brazil. Check out the flights.

19.11.2015 - 193 km Ondrej Dupal

23.11.2015 -199 km Ondrej Dupal

25.11.2015 - 138 km Ondrej Dupal

22.11.2015 - 182 km Tom de Dorlodot

Photo from final testing 


Agility & WAG

The new Gradient acro glider Agility has been thoroughly tested by the top aerobatic pilots Horacio Llorens and Theo De Blic . It will be introduced on the Stubai Cup 4-6 March 2016. The pilots will try their best to demonstrate what is possible to do with this glider. Don’t hesitate and meet us there !

For more information visit
Agility has been already on winner's podium twice as Horacio and Theo won the Aerobatic Paragliding world cup in synchro and also won a gold in Synchro Aerobatics at the FAI World Air Games in Dubai
We are very pleased with Agility results in competitions as it also says a lot about our new acro glider.
We also won the 1st place in accuracy landing by Romanian pilot George Cotet flying Gradient Bright at the WAG

Agility Promotional video

Agility  promotional video made by Tex Bec.
Video Locations are Organya, Chamonix and Verel

Horacio Llorens dancing with the Aurora Borealis

Dancing with Aurora – Horacio Lloren
Spectacular video of Horacio Llorens flying with Aurora Borealis in Norway. Horacio used Gradient Freestyle3 and paramotor to fly in the sky entirely lit up by Aurora. 

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