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After their trip together to Mexico, Guatemala and Pakistan in search of secrets spots, Thomas de Dorlodot and Horacio Llorens along with photographer John Stapels will leave Belgium with their Volkswagen AMAROK and a assistance truck and travel all the way South to Cape Town. They will embark on a 4 months journey that will take them through 11 different countries. The team will fly where no one has been flying before and use their paragliders as a way to discover Africa and meet its people. They plan to intend to push the limits of their sport and come back with an amazing footage that will be used to make a great documentary. Thomas and Horacio use a brand new Gradient ASPEN 4 gliders.
Feedback of both pilots about Aspen4  is fantastic:  “Egypt was a great adventure full of surprises and we made some cool flights on spot never flown before. I am really amazed by the Aspen 4. So far it is the best glider I have flown in that category. I flew with very strong wind at full speedbar and felt really safe. It is the adventurer's choice, very complete, great perf, very clean turn. Great job.” Tom´s e-mail from Egypt. 

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